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The new regulations also require the provision of a package label when specific combinations of products are supplied to an end customer. This is to encourage customers to buy high efficiency packages and to have more information about overall system efficiencies. 

It is the responsibility of  ‘dealers' to provide the package label and in the UK it is the installer who is usually the dealer. The label is calculated by the ‘dealer' using either the official EU Label Generator or another proprietary tool. 

Package label of a Gas condensing boiler and solar

Gas condensing and solar package label

This may seem onerous and complicated but in fact all the information will be available for the ‘dealer' to use via free to access information on the following input data:

  • Space heating efficiency
  • The controls effect
  • Supplementary boiler efficiency (if selling a hybrid system)
  • Solar contribution

Note:  a hot water cylinder does not need to be part of the package label calculation unless it is a solar cylinder. 

The above information must be made available by the supplier of the equipment within the package as they have an obligation to provide a product and package technical fiche (i.e. information needed to complete the calculation).

The result of using the right information with an appropriate tool, will be a label which will provide the overall efficiency of the package (expressed as a %); the energy class of the package (A+++ - G).

In the context of package label obligations, the ‘dealer' is ‘a retailer or other person who sells, hires, offers for hire-purchase or displays products to end users' and in the UK will typically be an installer.  There may be some instances where merchants or retailers may assume this role by selling packages through the installer or direct to the customer; the important point being that the package label has already been developed and is available to view by the customer. 

The 'Dealer' must: 

  • ensure the efficiency and class of efficiency is displayed on the package label and is accompanied by the technical fiche completed with the characteristics of the package
  • ensure that a space heating and/or water heating energy class is displayed in any advertisement relating to a package with energy or price information
  • ensure that any technical promotional material includes the space and/or water heating efficiency class

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