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Q) What products are included in the new regulations?

A) The new energy labelling regulations for heating products up to 70kw apply to:

Gas and oil boilers 
Electric heat pumps
Gas heat pumps
Electric and gas water heaters
Hot water cylinders

Other heating products including biomass boilers, stoves and gas fires are not included in these regulations . Further regulations for these products will be introduced in the next few years

Q) What is the difference between a product and a package label?

A)  A product label will be provided by the manufacturer (or importer) of all products covered by these regulations.  This label must be supplied with the product to the end customer.

A package label is used when specific combinations of heating products and components are sold and installed as a ‘system'

A package label must be used when a heat generator (boiler, water heater, heat pump or microCHP) is sold in combination with one or more of the following:

Another heat generator
A temperature control device or system
A solar thermal collector
A solar thermal cylinder

Q) Do I need a package label if I sell or install a boiler or heat pump with a hot water cylinder?

A) No, a single heat generator and a hot water cylinder does not require a package label

Q) Why has this package label been introduced for heating products?

A)  Energy labels are now required for a wide range of products and we are all familiar with seeing them when we go looking for a new appliance such as a fridge or a washing machine.

The energy performance of a heating product can be affected by other components that it is connected to. The purpose of the package label is to give the end customer an indication of the efficiency of the combined system and not simply the product.

Q) Do I need to provide a package label if there is an existing temperature control system?

A) A package label is only used if you are supplying new components. If you are simply replacing a boiler or heat pump and using existing controls then you are not required to provide a package label.

Q) How do I produce a package label?

A) It is very easy, just click on the package labelling tool link and follow the instructions. You can also visit the BEAMA Package Label tool for a simple package calculator that can be used to print or e-mail heat system energy labels for your customers. You will need a printer to print the label. 

Q) Where do I get the information to produce a package label?

A) Manufacturers are required to provide a ‘fiche' for each of their products and this will provide the efficiency information needed to produce a package label. This fiche might be supplied with the product but is more likely to be made available on the manufacturer's website.

Controls manufacturers will be required to state the class of the control product

Q) Who is required to produce a package label?

A) Anyone who sells a defined  combination of products. This can be a manufacturer, merchant or installer. Once a package label has been produced it must remain with the package and be supplied to the final customer.

Q) I bought a boiler without an energy label before 26 September but will not sell it to my customer until after that date. Do I need to get a label.

A) No. The regulations apply only to products and packages placed on the market on or after 26 September. A product is placed on the market when it is sold to a merchant or installer so any products in the supply chain before the implementation date do not require an energy label. Merchants will also be able sell unlabelled products after the 26 September providing they were already in stock.

Q) Where can I find EU guidelines for ECO and Energy Labelling? 

A) Please click on the following link to download the guidelines


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