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I have a conventional gas boiler for central heating and water with microbore pipes. Can I install combi boiler with microbore? Can I get a powerflush done with microbore?

Provided the microbore system has been correctly designed and is in good condition (i.e. it was operating well with the original boiler) then there is no reason why a combi boiler cannot be fitted if this is what you require. This would mean that the hot water tank in the bathroom is no longer required as the combi boiler heats the hot water “on demand”. The installation instructions for the model you mention (Ideal Isar) certainly cover requirements for microbore systems.

Similarly the same installation instructions cover the water treatment necessary prior to installation. Power flushing a microbore system is more difficult as the smaller pipe diameter means that circulation of the treatment chemicals is slower – however I do not understand the “danger” mentioned by the installer. Other cleaning techniques should be possible as recommended by (I suggest seeking boiler manufacturer’s advice).

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