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We live in a two-bedroomed flat and we use a lot of electricity. Is it the boiler or faulty meter? It’s an electric boiler.

You do not give information on how the CH and hot water are controlled (timers and thermostats) and what the settings are for time of operation and room temperature, but this will determine to a great extent the cost of use.

I should add that electric boilers of this type are often reported to have high running costs and are normally fitted in smaller, highly-insulated properties where energy requirements are low. Moreover they cannot use cheaper, off-peak electricity tariffs as the boiler needs to run whenever there is a demand for heat or hot water during the day (it is not a "storage" system).

You say that usage is up to 90 units a day. A "unit" is 1kw for 1 hour. If your 12kW boiler was running at full output then 90units divided by 12kW would equate to a total daily operating time for the boiler of about 7 hours at full rate, or 14 hours at half rate.

I do not know how the boiler is set up to run the heating and hot water (timers etc as stated above), but the figures you quote do seem to be in the right "ball park" - hence there may be no "fault" on the meter or the boiler - it is just very expensive to run the system as it stands.

The only suggestion I can make (short of replacing with gas) is to reduce the time of operation and the room temperature settings if this is possible.

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