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For a more efficient system should I I change pipework?

Provided the existing microbore pipe work and radiators are in good condition and the system is cleaned and flushed according to boiler manufacturer’s instructions during installation, there should be no need to replace either.

It may be beneficial, in fuel saving terms, to install larger radiators in order to allow the return CH water to be at a lower temperature in order to get maximum efficiency from the boiler, but this is not essential (e.g. if it would be disruptive and cause problems with decoration etc). Improved CH controls are also recommended. It is difficult to give a “payback time” for the cost of the new radiators against fuel saving. Radiator replacement could always be done in stages as each room is redecorated, once the boiler is installed.

System efficiency is also improved by installing TRVs (to allow individual rooms – e.g. bedrooms – to be maintained at lower temperatures that the main heated areas which are controlled by the room stat). TRVs are not too expensive and can easily be installed while the system is “down”. They are available for microbore pipe.

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