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Following a repair to our condensing combi boiler the engineer recommended a powerflush and a system-clean to deal with signs of corrosion. Another engineer recommended that a better solution was to replace the 5mm pipework with 15mm.

Provided that the existing "small bore" pipework is giving satisfactory service (all radiators are heating up equally etc) then it should not be necessary to take the somewhat drastic (and expensive) step of replacing with 15mm pipe.

Correct use of inhibitors (as recommended by the boiler manufacturer), regular boiler and system maintenance and, possibly, the use of a "System clean" unit should be adequate. Powerflushing may be helpful as a "one off" in getting rid of accumulated corrosion products - with the appropriate use of chemical inhibitors on annual service thereafter

If a powerflush is used then it may be useful to consult the boiler manufacturer (there should be a technical enquiry number in the manual) to see whether they advise doing this with the boiler bypassed if possible (to avoid flushing material into the boiler).

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