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Hot Water Cylinders

That Cylinder, often found in an airing cupboard or sometimes in the loft is your home’s store of hot water. Either through your boiler or an immersion heater water gets heated here and stored for use.

You don’t have to own a hot water cylinder, ‘Combi’ boilers can heat hot water on demand. So why have a store of hot water?

Well the main benefits are:

  • Potential for high water flow rates from your taps
  • Power shower capability depending on choice of cylinder
  • Hot water can get to the taps quicker, you don’t have to wait for the water to ‘heat up’ as with a ‘Combi’ boiler
  • If you have an immersion heater, if your boiler breaks down you will lose your Central Heating but not that ability to have a hot shower!

Further information:

Key points

Ensure the hot water tank has adequate insulation – most cylinders installed in the last 20 years will have factory sprayed polyurethane foam – but if there is no insulation then fitting a hot water tank jacket will pay for its self in around 6 months.

Use a timer and thermostat to control the temperature – hot water should be stored at 60°C.

Even if a cylinder is heated by the boiler, it will normally still have an electric immersion heater. Provided the boiler is less than 20 years old and the cylinder is on a fully controlled pumped circuit then the boiler rather than the immersion heater should be used to heat water in the summer months.

There are 2 types of hot water cylinder:

Vented Unvented

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