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Micro CHP

Micro CHP  is essentially a mini power generator in your boiler.

CHP heating diagram2The excess electricity can be fed back to the grid through an import/export meter.

Micro CHP only produces a small amount of electricity, which will not be enough to meet your domestic needs, but will cut your bills and at times will feed electricty back to the national grid earning you a bit of money.

It is increasingly being seen as a very good way for communities to generate heat and power and as a way of becoming a zero carbon home.

It is currently within the Feed-In-Tariff (FiTs) Scheme which means the energy suppliers will pay you a set amount per KW you produce. This can go some way in offsetting any upfront costs.

To find out more contact your energy supplier or one of the manufacturers currently supplying these products for the domestic market like Baxi

Alternatively why not find out more about Biomass Heating:

biomass heating

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