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Weekly column by EUA's Chief Executive Mike Foster

My blog last week brought some interesting responses, one in particular captured my attention and it coincided with a visit to one of our member companies this week. I spoke last week about the 9 million non-condensing boilers that are still up and running in UK homes, and that fitting a modern boiler alone should deliver noticeable efficiency improvements. (More of which later). But quite rightly, the whole heating system should be our focus, not just the boiler.

That is why we have been working on what could be called Boiler Plus - the efficiency gains from fitting new controls with a condensing boiler. Every marginal gain in efficiency lowers bills, reduces carbon emissions and importantly, makes it easier to hit long term international targets. 

This week, I was introduced to new generation radiators and shown data which compared old style panel radiators with new ones. The important aspect to remember is that first generation steel panel radiators do have a long shelf life, so "zombie rads" is as much a problem in our industry as "zombie boilers". What we do about it - how we make the case clear (hard evidence and data) are all questions that we need to address, but in our quest to improve heating system efficiency, we need to.

A word of caution. Some industry bodies throw around stats and data that are frankly irresponsible. I heard of one this week that claimed 95 per cent of condensing boilers do not actually condense when used and their performance is considerably less than claimed. Rest assured, EUA will not band around statistics in such a fashion and we will challenge those bodies that do.

Best wishes

Mike Foster    

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