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Get Ready for Winter and ‘Budge the Sludge’

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It's now time to check your central heating system to ensure that it is hot and efficient ready for the colder weather. As part of their Get Ready for Winter campaign, the Manufacturers' Association of Radiators and Convectors, MARC, is asking homeowners to check their radiators.

If they aren't as warm as they used to be and are still warm around the top and sides with a cold middle and bottom then they probably have sludge in them; something which will happen to most central heating systems sooner or later. A build-up of sludge will mean a colder home and higher energy bills.

MARC chairman John Colling said "Radiator sludge is a mix of dirt from water and iron oxide (rust) that results from the inside of your radiator corroding over time and settling at the bottom of the radiator and interferes with the correct flow of the hot water."

Sludge can be removed by taking the radiator off the wall and then manually flushing it through with a hosepipe or better still having the whole system professionally power flushed. 

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