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Heating systems for Condensate Pipes

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During periods of extremely cold weather, condensate pipes can become blocked due to freezing. The U.K. has been experiencing increasingly cold winters that are casuing some unfortunate side effects with the condensate system on new boilers. As the 3 maps below show, the drop in temperatures over a very short period of time is quite dramatic.

Winter 2007 Winter 2009Winter 2010






This can be overcome relatively simply if your condensate pipe is easy to acess, please see our detailed pages for more information

However there are solutions that can be used to prevent your condensate pipe from freezing up in the first place, especially if it is fitted on the outside of your property.

These solutions are often called trace heating and normally involve a heated cable running on the inside for your condensate pipe providing heating when the temperature drops below around 3 degrees C.

One such solutions is:

Frost Sentry from the Teddington Group - The Frost Sentry is designed to prevent Condensate Pipes from Freezing when temperatures fall below 2.5°C. This compact unit consumes less than 10W in standby and 30W when at maximum heating.
Frost Sentry
Once fitted, this unit will ensure that the Condensate Pipes from your Boiler or Air Conditioning unit will not freeze, even down to -20° C.

Once installed, the Frost Sentry will constantly monitor the external temperature. If it falls below 2.5° C, the Frost Sentry will activate and gently warm the inside of the Condensate pipe. The further the temperature drops, the warmer the temperature in the pipe.

The Frost Sentry comes with 3 metres of Heater Cable, 3 metres of Temperature Probe and 2.75 metres of Clear Plastic PVC tubing. These can be shortened to a minimum of 1m metre.

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