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Treating Heating Systems

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All central heating systems rely on a form of hot water distribution pipe work to deliver heat to the radiators. Just as with the main arteries in your body, you need to keep the pipe work free of blockages.  

Heating systems are under threat from the build up of sludge that can naturally occur through the effects of corrosion and limescale. This sludge can prevent heat transfer through the radiator, reduce system flow rates, generate noise and ultimately lose efficiency and increase energy use. The result is higher fuel bills and perhaps higher maintenance costs through component failure as the boiler and pump works harder to heat the home.  

The solution is to thoroughly clean heating systems when replacing a boiler and ensure that an inhibitor is added to the fill water. The inhibitor will prevent corrosion and the formation of limescale.  

If radiators are struggling to warm up or have uneven heat transfer then it could mean a system needs cleaning. Ask an installer for advice on cleaning and treating the system.  

Fit a filter to the central heating circuit to help maintain the efficiency and the reliability of the system.  

The Use of Water Softeners with Heating Systems  

Where a water softener is present in the dwelling ensure that a heating system primary circuit is filled with mains water via the general bypass valve as required within BS14173. Note: A water softener must comply with BS14173 (this states that there must be ‘a general bypass valve which enables the softening unit to be isolated from the mains, while maintaining water supply to the end user'. For installation requirements, refer to WRAS Information and guidance Note No 9-07-01 "Information for the installation of ion exchange water softeners for systems supplying water for domestic purposes".  

Refer to boiler manufacturer's instructions for any additional advice on softened water.

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